Most Influential CEOs in Oman

Hassan Mohammed Juma, Chairman & Managing Director of Al Osool
Group, believes in fostering innovation in the company by empowering
employees, encouraging and supporting new ideas, and organising
regular sessions to discuss different concepts

What is the best leadership lesson that you have ever learned and how do you apply it in your business leadership role?

The most valuable leadership lesson  I’ve learned is to “Start with the why”. Understanding and acknowledging the purpose behind a task is crucial before diving into the how and what. Regularly asking and addressing this question  ensures that the team is aligned with  the overall vision and action plan.

What do you think are the important qualities for a successful leader, and how do you cultivate those qualities in yourself and your team?

A successful leader should possess visionary qualities and strong communication skills. Additionally, empathy and  the ability to work under stress while  continuously instilling confidence  and motivation in the team are vital. Achieving this within an organization  can be facilitated through regular and  structured meetings with staff, mentoring programs, and providing feedback.

What are the leadership challenges  that you have faced in your career,  and how did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges I have faced, and continue to face, include team building, conflict management, and time management prioritization. To overcome these obstacles, I actively seek feedback, engage in self-reflection,  remain open to improvement, and benefit from having a mentor.

In what ways can innovation and  creativity be encouraged within the company, and how do you think that new ideas can be effectively implemented?

We foster innovation in our company by empowering employees,  encouraging and supporting new  ideas, and organizing regular sessions to discuss different concepts. We also recognize and reward innovation and  creativity, while allocating our best resources toward these initiatives.

The World Bank has forecast that  Oman will be the fastest growing economy among the six GCC nations in 2023 with a projected growth rate of 4.3 per cent compared to the  rest of GCC. How is the company  moving ahead to enhance its competitiveness?

Innovation and creativity can be  encouraged by embracing continuous learning, exploring new opportunities, upskilling team members, and   investing in technologies. These
efforts help create an environment  that supports and nurtures innovative thinking within the company.


Credits: Oman Economic Review July 2023

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